The Kraft Heinz Company Kraft Peanut Butter Revolutionizes Conve

Kraft Peanut Butter has launched marketing activation, powered by AI, which allows users to use mobile devices to scan the scraping marks at the bottom of nearly empty jars of peanut butter, similar to a QR code, to get a free jar of Kraft Peanut Butter delivered that same day through Skip Express Lane.

"As a brand that strives to spread comfort that nourishes the souls of Canadians, part of our mission is to connect with peanut butter enthusiasts in culturally relevant ways—such as bridging the gap between food and technology," says Stephanie Goyette, head of marketing and strategy at Kraft Heinz. "Our latest campaign is a prime example of a convenient, consumer-first innovation disrupting the way Canadians replenish their spreads."

Kraft Peanut Butter's AI-supported tool turns the unique design of nearly empty peanut butter jars into a unique QR code.

For the next month, the first 750 Canadians each week who visit and scan an image of their empty peanut butter jar can receive a free replacement of Kraft Peanut Butter on a first come, first served basis through Skip Express Lane. Terms and conditions may apply.

Canadians are encouraged to share their honest and creative reactions on how they feel when they run out of peanut butter by commenting on @kraftpeanutbutter_ca.

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