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Air Miles has announced the nationwide launch of Air Miles Receipts, a new way for members to earn bonus miles on everyday items purchased in-store across major grocers.

Air Miles Receipts enables collectors to check their available offers, shop for eligible products at many select grocers across the nation, and scan a photo of their purchase receipts using AI technology within the Air Miles app, thereby earning Bonus Miles on eligible products.

Following a successful soft launch in Atlantic Canada in June 2023, the national expansion of Air Miles Receipts incorporates valuable insights and feedback from collectors and partners from earlier versions.

"After the positive outcomes from our Atlantic launch earlier this year, we knew it was imperative to extend our Receipts program to collectors and partners nationwide," said Shawn Stewart, president, Air Miles Reward Program. "In line with Air Miles' ongoing commitment to continuously invest in new ways for our collectors to earn and redeem, we take immense pride in how Air Miles Receipts makes it easy and convenient to earn Bonus Miles from grocery purchase receipts, and eagerly anticipate its sustained growth in times ahead. Given the rich value add and opportunities to earn Miles, we expect collectors to shop more frequently across our extensive network of participating Air Miles partners and take advantage of the value-driven ability to stack offers."

Air Miles remains committed to enhancing the program's offerings and with this in mind, the launch of Air Miles Receipts includes the addition of new consumer packaged goods (CPG) collaborations. Looking forward, collectors can also expect the AI technology to continue to evolve over time in response to ongoing feedback to enhance user experiences.

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