Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) 2023 trade show took place on October 24 & 25. Grocery Business was there.

1Nicole Koveos, Zack Jones, Darrell Jones, Paul Cope and Ben Harrack, Pattison Food Group2Paul Bravi, Food Basics, Jim Slomka and Sal Galle, Food Basics 3Richard Lockhart and Jon Janower, Choices Markets4Team Kraft Heinz5Shreyas Bansode (left), Brent Fulcher, Hayaa Duqeh, Martin Payant, Gary Wade and Jordan Gleed, Unilever6Peter Kerr, Alexa Law, Robert Hardy and Nikoletta Charamis, Sobeys Wholesale Jim 5Jim Slomka and Brenda Kirk, Pattison Food Group

8Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business; Ron Welke and Dave Pullar, Federated Co-op9Todd Johnston, Lactalis (left) and Greg Coles, Nestlé10Jason Ricketts (left), Rob Moreland, and Lance Wade, PepsiCo11Anthony Longo, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets (left) and Michael Furgiuele, Aspire Bakeries12Daisy Samaniego, Maple Leaf Foods and Justin Schley, Quality Foods13Peter Mattson, Margaret Hudson, Marsha MacKinnon and Pam Kellogg, Burnbrae Farms and Errol Cerit, FHCP14Michael Shilton, Lauren Laventure, Andrea Chiaramello, Vince Romano, Jody Ruggiero, Lavazza15Errol Cerit (left) Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP), Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine, Kostas Kapralos, Lassonde16Martin Payant and Lynn Caiger, Unilever 17Sam Magnacca, Acosta Group and Lou Di Carlo, CJR Wholesale 18Tony Chapman, Chatter That Matters and Anthony Longo, Longo’s19Todd Johnston and Tom Szostok, Lactalis20Jie Chen, Chen’s21Neil Kudrinko (left), Kudrinko's, and Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods22Geoff Carruthers, (left), Chris Marshall, Encore Market Management, Tim Lute, Conagra, Shaun McKenna, The Grocery Foundation, and Jamie Nelson, Pattison Food Group23Lucia Russo (left), Roy Sciotto, Victoria Auciello, Steve Silvani, and Scott Price, Saputo24Team Acosta25Eric Heath (left) and Nigel Sankar, Chep26Connor Wilson (left), Matthew Wagman, Julia Duif, Trish Botter, Saadi Nazar, Farm Credit27Jason Cassidy (left), Megan Buick, Istvan Galambos, Arshdeep Singh, and Elisa Gontier, Porta28Tobias Bourdeau, Sonia Gordon and Colin Mann, General Mills29Giancarlo Trimarchi, Vince’s and Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods 30Eric Bienvenue (left), Shelby VanSickle and Todd Van Eyk, Canada Beef31Melissa Martin McGraw, Karen Demetriou and Junald Nayyer, Conagra 32Louis Carre, Smucker Foods, Jim Slomka and Michel Manseau, Kruger Products33Ben Pino, Jaren Bellini, Shane Bellini and Mark Bellini, Pinto’s, Mike Williamson, Central Meat Market 33aTeam Advantage Solutions34CFIG’s Laura Collaton35Alan Dunn, Metro Inc.36Vincent Nadeau, Kraft Heinz and Jim Slomka37Rick Rabba, Rabba Fine Foods (left), Frank Nweisser, CJR Wholesale, and Colin Mann, General Mills38Team Tree of Life39Ron Sadler; Scott Lorimer, Maple Leaf Foods40Marine Gagnereaux, Robert Schouppe, Lanthier Bakery41Tom Shurrie, CFIG; Gus Longo, Longo’s and Jamie Nelson, Pattison Food Group 42Melinda Zoccoli and Stacey Kravitz, UNFI Canada43Paul Gallagher and Doug Ohori, Clover Leaf44Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business; Paula Deane, Metro45Chris Park and Kevin Forget, Upfield Canada46Alex Green and Deb Craven, Longo’s47Diego Mazzone, Baptiste Boos, Michael Folton, JRTech Solutions48Bill Ivany, Margaret Zammit and Jim Pantaleo, Acosta Group49Barry Lanteigne, Distribution Canada50Shannon Rajk and Anthony Cannell, Metro Inc.51Frank Jaja, Metro Inc. and Jim Slomka 52Pavel Grekov and Marc Salm, Tim Hortons, Aleks Djurdjevic and Ben Santangelo, Advantage Solutions 53Todd Newstead (left), Alicia Aguilera, Craig Neilans, John Kuo, and John Roman, Bimbo Canada

IMG_20231025_123525.jpgIan Longley, Nicolae Berbec, Digi Canada

IMG_20231025_131709.jpgZara Baxby, Sarah Kamimura, Drishti Chawla, Kraft Heinz Canada

54Denis Gendron, consultant, Mary Scianna, Grocery Business55Chris Powell (left), retired from Tree of Life, Ross Bletsoe, Lakefield Foodland, and Al Hollman, President at A & E Consulting56Maryam Ahoo (left) and Laura Pixley, believeco:partners Ltd. DBA Argyle, representing SUSTA57David van Overeem (left), Catharine Kuerbis, Matt Kuerbis, Stacy Moritz, Erick Garman, Amanda Johnson, Kelly Staples, WUSATA58Michael Marotta, Interfresh59Michael Forgione, United Grocers Inc (UGI) and Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine60Kevin Lehman, Metro Inc.61Rima Rabba, Anur Sharma, Bennetta Domenic-Jass, Anna Parypa, Steven Said, Anthony Iaizzo, Marcus Guirguis, CJA Wholesale Grocers62Aurelio Calabretta, Smucker Foods63Patrick Heffernan, Tree of Life64Dale Kropf and Vaness Kropf-Morden, L & M Food Markets65Chris Powell, CFIG, David Clark and Dan Doulos, Advantage Group 66Team CROSSMARK67Maria Arbulu, USDA, and Ken Beauchamp, Gourmet Sauce Works Distribution Wholesale, at the WUSATA Hot Sauce Reception68Robert Graybill (left) and Randy Klotz, FMS Solutions69Michel Boucher (left) and Kevin Kelly, GS170Nino Stelato, Unico/Primo, Carmen Labbe and Jim Kavanagh Brandseed Marketing71Cathy Antinozzi and Maryse Larose, Advantage Solutions72Jim Slomka, Brian Bradley, Stong’s Market73Michael Cronin and Beverley Mawby, The Great Canadian Meat Company74Frank and Melinda Zoccoli, UNFI (left), Robert Mortensen, REM, and Ron Sadler, Sadler Sales Solutions, at the WUSATA Hot Sauce Reception75Bryan Elcorrobarrutia (left), Daniel Richard, and Charlie Di Martino, Danavation Technologies76Fulvio Bussandri (left) and Dominic Schiraldi, I-D Foods77Hannah Messineo (left), Cheryl Appleton, and Jacqui Iris, representing Canadian Women In Food78Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business Magazine and Julie Bednarski-Malik, Healthy Crunch79Jim Applebaum (left), The Alyn Group, Tony Chapman, Host of Chatter that Matters, Suzanne Regimbal, CFIG, Chris Powell, Retired, and Trudi-Ann Webster, Thrive Provisions80Richard Baker, Food Distribution Guy, Dr. Shica, Dr. Shica’s Bakery81Lance Vanderlinde, Hormel Foods82Larry Denley, Kisko Freezies and Jim Slomka 83Christian Horner (left), Ron Sadler (Sadler Sales Solutions), Janie Ondrey, and Michael Horner, Fire in the Kitchen84Joanne and Adrian Jaques, Sunshine Pickles85Jared (left) and Miki Ferrall, Adam Kennedy, Crafty Ramen86Greg McGrath, Italpasta and Jim Slomka 87Ruairi Campbell-Carson, Golden West Food Group; Jennifer Dalimonte, Tree of Life Canada88Peter Mattson, Marsha Mackinnon, Burnbrae Farms; Jamie Nelson, Pattison Food Group89Chris and Kristy Goodrow, Sweetness Sugar Cookies; Dave Pullar, Federated Co-op

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